Salt River Magick

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the Salt River Deva (located north of Phoenix Arizona). First let me say a bit about how I work with the devas who support the planet earth. My understanding and experience with landscape/earth devas are that they are the holders of blueprints. So let's say I am contacted to work with a mountain deva that deva will show me where/how actions/emotions may be interfering or altering the blueprint of the natural operations of the mountain energy and all things contained in that eco-environment - plants, animals, water, soil, air, and the nature beings (aka nature spirits) who are the caretakers of the area. From that information I go into my toolkit of energy medicine practices and/or call on my spirit helpers and we work with the deva and/or the nature beings of the area and together create resolution or restoration of the energy to assist in returning it to its blueprint.

I have a great love for rivers, as my guardian deva is the Columbia River, Washington State. Click here to read more on guardian devas. After introducing myself to the Salt River Deva, I asked if there was any service I could provide to the area. I was asked to build a light language tower. This is a common request as these towers are frequently used by the local nature beings as high energy stations to "feed" from. As I was singing light language into the area and the river, the salt river wild horses came out of the marshy area behind me and we had an amazing conversation and they showed me what energy needed to be channeled into the eco system.

I look forward to returning soon to continue my relationship with the Salt River and the beings that live there. To be continued…..


deva spotlight - DaDra


this morning chris & i drove up to visit DaDra - the deva of carr falls. there was quite a few people up there visiting as we have received some significant rainfall so the waterfall and creeks were running with water. 

many do not notice my energy. i overlook and care for the entire valley. i see all that moves here. earth teachings can come from silence and observation. come sit with me for awhile.
— DaDra

ahh yes.... DaDra holds receptive energy - energy that asks one to sit, open, and receive. it's a beautiful inward energy that requires patience and clarity of mind. oh but the messaqes one can receive here are stunning.  come sit for awhile...